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Two New Bills Supporting Autism

Self-advocates are in celebration as two bills were signed into law in Albany, NY this past month. The first bill mandated early screening of children for autism, while the second bill created standardized ID cards for individuals with developmental disabilities. These bills advocate for early screening of autism and creating...

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Painting Activism with Autism

Margaux Wosk, a self-advocate for autism, is a talented painter who uses vibrant colors to express her emotions. Wosk was diagnosed with autism last year, and described the diagnosis as “freeing” because she finally found an explanation for everything. Wosk uses her identity as a self-advocate to present messages in her...

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Tips on How to Prepare for College with Autism

This great article discusses everything about autism and college! First, it provides tips on what to look for when applying to college, like looking for a small average class size. It also gives general tips to those with autism and their parents, and urges parents to “change from a micro-manager...

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Autism App for Milwaukee Public Museum

The Milwaukee Public Museum made accessibility and inclusiveness their top priority with the launch of their app, All In. This app features social guides, a museum schedule, and a sensory map. Social guides tell the user where the crowds are at that moment, in order to prepare the user for...

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Cucina Italiana and Autism Eats!

  Cucina Italiana in Whitehall is hosting an event that restaurants should follow; this event is called Autism Eats! It will be held on 9/24 from 6-8PM and Cucina Italiana will provide a private room for the event. The private room, with low music playing and adjusted lighting, helps individuals...

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Drumming Helps School Children with Autism

A new study, run by the University of Chicester and the University of Centre Hartpury, illustrates how drumming for an hour a week can benefit children diagnosed with autism. These benefits include helping children with autism cope better in a school environment, follow instructions with greater ease, and significant improvements...

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Atypical – A Show about Autism – is Finally Including Actors with Autism

Atypical is a Netflix series that focuses around Sam Gardner, a high-schooler with autism. The first season had immense success, with fans praising the actor Keir Gilchrist for realistically and successfully portraying a high school experience from the perspective of someone on the spectrum. When critics complained that there was...

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Microsoft Open Doors to Employees with Autism

Lately, Microsoft has been in the news for a good reason. They are renowned for their inclusiveness, especially with people who have autism. Jenny Lay-Flurrie, the chief accessibility officer at Microsoft, states that employees with autism are “a talent pool that really hasn’t been tapped.” And Microsoft is taking full...

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Field Hockey Coach Starts Autism Awareness Tournament

Kristen Coffey, who is the head coach of the Pleasantville High School Varsity Field Hockey team, has a six-year-old son Peyton, who has autism. In his honor, Coffey created a field hockey tournament to benefit those with autism. The tournament, which happened last weekend, benefits an autism advocacy organization. The...

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Individuals with Autism are at a Higher Risk for Depression

A new research study conducted in Sweden states that young adults with autism – particularly those who are high functioning – have a greater risk for depression, compared to their siblings who don’t have ASD. This new research poses several questions, like why do young adults with autism have a...

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Street Sign Raises Awareness for Autism

In 2013, 17-year-old Cody Kokoszka worked diligently with his high school to recognize Autism Awareness Day; now, the school celebrates this day with posters and donations to autism research. But Kokoszka isn’t done advocating for autism yet, his most recent achievement is installing two street signs to signal to drivers...

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Startup Touts Unique Talent Pool: Workers with Autism

Daivergent, a Manhattan tech startup, provides contractors with autism to clients who seek high accuracy and speed on tasks, like data entry and online research. Mr. Byran Dai, the co-founder and CEO, manages a team of four employees with autism. Dai states that employees with autism complete this job better...

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