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School Offers New Model for Preparing People with Autism for the Workforce

The Meristem school in Sacramento just graduated its inaugural class. This school allows students with autism to take skill-specific courses like metal work, carpentry, culinary arts, film making, and textiles, among others. This school uses a hands-on approach to teaching to prepare its students for the workforce. ...

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World’s Largest Autism Grant Awarded

Innovative Medicines Initiative awards the world’s largest neurodevelopmental grant, €115 million, to IoPPN at King’s College London. The grant, Autism Innovative Medicine Studies-2-Trials (AIMS-2-Trials), will go towards increasing our understanding and improving health and quality of life for people with autism. ...

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Eagle Scout Project to Increase Autism Awareness

Henry Pluta, a member of Scout Troop 189, uses his Eagle Scout project to promote autism through an art show. The art show will consist of pieces from local artists as well as student contributions to illustrate the values of autism schools: trust, compassion, quality, diversity, integrity, and safety. ...

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Popcorn for the People supports employees with autism

35 percent of young adults with autism spectrum disorder are unemployed or do not receive a higher education. Popcorn for the People aims to change that by providing employment opportunity to people with autism. According to the founder, Samuel Bier, selling three bags of popcorn equals one hour of employment. ...

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New Study Finds Mysterious Link between Food Allergies and Autism

A new study from the University of Iowa found that children diagnosed with ASD are twice as likely to have food allergies. While this study isn’t suggesting that allergies cause autism, or vice versa, it provides a mysterious link between the two, urging researchers to look more in depth. More...

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People with Autism are at a Higher Risk for being Homeless

A new study shows that people with autism are at a greater risk for homelessness because there are not enough resources for them, like housing and employment. Another study that looked at a random sample of people who are homeless found that 12.3% of them have autism – this statistic...

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World Autistic Pride Day – Celebrate your Differences

World Autistic Pride Day, celebrated on June 18, differs from Autism Awareness Day. Instead of focusing on spreading awareness and advocating for research, World Autistic Pride Day is a day for self-advocates to celebrate their differences. Altogether Autism has events and speakers for this day – all of whom will...

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Malaysian director’s film about autism is up to win awards

Chuan’s drama, based on his short film about living with his brother who is autistic, is up to win several awards in Shanghai and Japan. Chuan wanted the film to fight negative stereotypes about autism; he wanted to show that people with autism “are people with rich inner worlds, who...

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Spinner creates documentary based on her son’s diagnoses

When Jackie Spinner, a professor and former Washington Post Baghdad bureau chief, adopted her sons from Morocco, she had no idea that they would later be diagnosed with autism. As a result, Spinner and her sons traveled to Morocco to learn more about the autistic community there and to film...

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Training first responders to recognize autism may avert tragedies

With the spotlight on police brutality, many self-advocates and people related to others with autism are concerned with how first responders interact with those on the spectrum. This article urges first responders to undergo further training in dealing with people on the spectrum, and advises those on the spectrum to...

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