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Connection Between ADHD and “Baby Sibs” of Those with ASD

Up to 80% of those with ASD also meet criteria for ADHD, leaving siblings of those on the spectrum with a higher risk of developing the condition. Dr. Sally Ozonoff and her team at UC Davis are currently analyzing results from a study where hundreds of children were videotaped to monitor...

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How Children Experience Autism

BBC News offers a wide variety of insight, some from personal accounts, that describe how today’s children with autism experience day-to-day life and interact with others. In particular, autism is often experienced and expressed differently according to a child’s gender.  Strategies that supports can use to provide assistance are also included....

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Advances for Autism Challenge Starts Today

Starting today and up until March 14, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill needs your help in funding for one of their most successful projects. The autism team at Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute has come out with cutting edge evidence based practices that are generating exceptional...

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STEM Businesses Could Benefit From Those with Autism

Ernst and Young, a STEM business based in Dallas, recently hired ten individuals with autism and saw nearly immediate results with improvements with innovation and problem-solving. They state: “We believe the specialized talents of neurodiverse people will help us make our work continually more efficient and our workforce more productive,...

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Skype May Aid Those with ASD with Communication

Three weeks into Skype sessions with a speech therapist at UC Davis’ MIND Institute, an Iowa mother can already see the communication differences in her 14 year-old son with Fragile-X syndrome (who also meets criteria for autism). Skype allows those on the autism spectrum and their families to receive high quality therapy...

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New Therapy May Help Adults with Autism Find Jobs

Cognitive enhancement therapy is a technique that combines computerized tasks with group sessions to improve problem solving, memory, and various other social skills. It is rising in popularity because, according to new studies, those who participated in this therapy had significantly higher levels of employment....

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Temple Grandin Offers Insight on Autism Awareness Tour

In her latest speech on tour, Grandin advised children growing up on the spectrum to limit use of technology and instead to try and get involved in the community. Grandin also spoke of the recognizing the significance of a diversity of minds in our communities....

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Autism Journal Abandons Puzzle Piece

The journal Autism has replaced the puzzle piece logo with a new, circular design in its latest issue. Self-advocates and research studies have shown that the puzzle piece has negative connotations. However, the logo has been in use for decades and is unlikely to disappear quickly....

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Sexual Assault Awareness Often Ignores Students with Disabilities

“Sexual assault has become a topic of concern on campuses and with the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, but seldom has the conversation included consideration of the needs of college students with disabilities,” said Wendy Harbour, a member of the National Council on Disability and director of the National Center for...

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