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A room with calm grey walls, one chair and minimalist plant decorations. Natural light softly comes in from a window out of frame.

Firm Designs Buildings To Meet Needs Of Kids With Autism

Steve Orfield thinks a building design tailored to kids with autism might be good for everyone. His business, Orfield Laboratories, based in Minneapolis, designs buildings to provide a sense of calm for anyone on the autism spectrum. Through years of consulting, he has found that the simplified design has the...

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A child sits at a table, focused on a large computer screen. A parent stands behind them.

Free Video Series Can Help Kids be ‘Unstuck and On Target’

The series of free, educational videos is designed to support parents and caregivers tackling common emotional and behavioral topics to help children to stay organized, plan and reach their goals, be flexible thinkers, and  regulate their feelings. Behavioral specialists call these skills executive functioning. By following the tips and skills in...

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A person bangs a wooden gavel.

How Do Autistic Individuals Interact with the Criminal Justice System?

Across the United States, reports of autistic youth experiencing dangerous, life-altering and even fatal interactions with the criminal justice system are becoming more common. Research suggests that autistic individuals interact with police at high rates and individuals with disabilities disproportionately experience police violence.

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A close-up of a yellow school bus, parked in front of tall plants and a bright blue sky.

Students With Special Needs Acutely Affected By Bus Driver Shortage

Octavian Lither is often left waiting at the bus stop each morning to be transported to his northwest Las Vegas middle school. More times than not, the bus is late. A few times, it arrived after school already started. But unlike the thousands of other Clark County School District students...

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A person walks into a terminal. They wear a backpack and drag a rolling suitcase. The sun shines brightly.

The Travel Industry Is Waking Up to the Needs of Neurodivergent Adults

For many Americans, making vacation plans is somewhat easy and doesn’t require much thought beyond figuring out where and when to go. But for millions of neurodivergent travelers around the country, travel is anything but simple. Neurodivergent adults amount to more than 30 percent of the global population, up to 40 percent...

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