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Women with Autism Often Diagnosed Later in Life

Some researchers speculate that autism appears differently in males and females, meaning that many girls on the autism spectrum aren’t diagnosed.  A piece in the Washington Post details mothers with children on the spectrum who discovered their own autism only after learning about it from their children....

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Altered Sense of ‘Affective Touch’ Linked to Autism, Research Suggests

Affective touch, or one’s sense of the nuanced social and emotional information that is contained in a physical touch, is a concept that was first given a name only a few decades ago.  Today, some researchers believe that further investigation into neurodiverse experiences of affective touch may provide insight into early...

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Vocational Rehabilitation Program Use Varies Widely

A study in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders found that access to vocational rehabilitation services differs greatly between states. This means many on the autism spectrum are not receiving supports from a government program to which they are entitled....

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