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Repetitive Behaviors with Autism Show Early Sex Bias

In comparison to boys with autism, girls generally experience slightly less severe repetitive behaviors according to an expansive study of sex differences within the disorder. However, this finding may be affected by the fact that boys are much more commonly diagnosed than girls, which makes it difficult to get enough...

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Zappos and PBS KIDS Launch Clothing Line for Kids with ASD

The PBS Kids “Adaptive Apparel” clothing line specially tailored to children with autism is now available on They feature dissolvable tags, soft fabrics, and button free clothes that are offered in a variety of sizes and styles. All proceeds will go toward PBS Kids’ mission of empowering kids to...

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New Jersey Chuck E. Cheeses Starting “Sensory Sundays”

On the first Sunday of every month, several New Jersey Chuck E. Cheese locations will have “Sensory Sundays” specifically to help provide a more autism-friendly environment for kids who have ASD and/or other sensory challenges. It will include: smaller crowds, dimmed lighting, reduction of costumed characters, and specially trained staff members...

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UN Celebrates Voices of Girls with Autism

On World Autism Awareness Day (April 2nd), the United Nations addressed the important topic of how autism is treated in society, as well as how girls on the spectrum are discriminated against and face heightened risks of abuse and exploitation. Several self advocates, Ambassadors, and officials voiced how we need...

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France Launches New Plan to Improve Lives for Those with ASD

The French government has begun to take action on increasing the rights of children and adults with autism by recently unveiling a plan that has goals to increase training in educating those with ASD, raise funding for scientific research, and improve overall support for individuals on the spectrum....

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Sesame Street Placing More Emphasis on Autism

TV show “Sesame Street” is continuing to increase its focus on autism by airing its first episode that is directly centered on Julia, their muppet who has autism, as well as launch their new set of online resources so that children nationwide can learn more about ASD. Also, Sesame Place...

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10 Things Everyone Should Know About Autism

Dr. Lisa Schulman is a developmental and behavioral pediatrician specializing in autism spectrum disorders. In this article she offers ten pieces of information that she wishes everyone would understand about autism, especially children on the spectrum. To sum it up, Schulman says the most important things to remember are: Learn...

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Ways to Support Autism Voices in the Community

As it is Autism Awareness Month, we need to always remember to help advocate for the growing number of voices with autism in our society. This article lists seven important ways of doing so. In summary, we need to keep actively listening to the existing autism presence but also keep...

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Mom Creates Businesses to Hire People with ASD

When tragedy struck her family, mother Stella Spanakos founded The Nicholas Center to help provide increased employment opportunities and community participation for those with autism. The vocational model used by The Nicholas Center can be replicated by businesses nationally and worldwide, to help ensure that people on the spectrum live...

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NBA Creates Sensory Rooms to Increase Inclusion

NBA is partnering with nonprofit KultureCity to create 19 sensory spaces in national NBA arenas to help increase inclusion of fans who have autism or other sensory disorders. This gives families with individuals on the spectrum a chance to escape the high intensity of a basketball game but not have to leave...

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Study Finds Children with Autism Less Likely to be Vaccinated

New research by JAMA Pediatrics finds that children with autism, and their younger siblings, are significantly less likely to be vaccinated than those without a diagnosis. This is the largest study done so far in this subject, and is representative of health care sites in five different states. Lowering rates...

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Circus Production Sheds Light on Life with ASD

The production “Kaleidoscope” presented by Flipside Circus Company 2 is inspired by ensemble artist Ethan Langridge, a teen with autism. He designed the production based on he lives his daily life and allows audiences an in-depth personal depiction of the sensory experiences of someone living on the spectrum. This show, though...

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