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It’s Never Just a Sandwich

Advocate Emma Dalmayne, as an autistic adult and a mother of autistic children, is often asked about meltdowns and how they feel.  In this article, she describes how it feels to have a meltdown from her perspective, and how to help your child....

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Childhood autism traits linked to hypomania in adolescence

Children with autism traits tend to show agitation, excitability, decreased sleep and other signs of hypomania in adolescence, according to a new twin study. The association is higher in identical twins than in fraternal twins, the researchers also found, suggesting that genetics plays a role....

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Virtual Autism Assessments Are Likely Here to Stay

Shortly after the coronavirus pandemic began, clinical psychologist Janice Keener was floored when she reassessed a boy she had evaluated for autism in her clinic a few months earlier.  During that initial visit, Keener hadn’t observed any of the repetitive behaviors the boy’s mother had described to her, and Keener couldn’t confirm if he...

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The NHS’ World Autism Day Training Video

The NHS UK asked consultant, author & psychological therapist Michael Padraig Acton and NHS employee Tom Goble to be part of a training video for World Autism Day. Within this video, they discuss Tom’s diagnosis of Asperger’s in his early 20s, growing up with autism, his educational and social life, and...

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AFIRM reaches 200,000 users around the world

Just one year after reaching 100,000 users, the Autism Focused Intervention Resources and Modules (AFIRM) project at the UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute has reached another milestone―200,000 users now rely on AFIRM for evidence-based practices that can help learners with autism....

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