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Everyone deserves a fulfilling college experience, including autistic students.  College is an exciting and challenging time for most young adults as it is their first step into adulthood and independence.  In addition to the everyday challenges, mistakes, and adventures that come with the typical college experience, many autistic students face unique challenges. OAR’s college resources aim to help prospective and current autistic college students become better prepared for college life and academics.

Information Hubs

We’ve curated four central hubs that will help you navigate the various aspects of college life and academics. Explore the sections below and discover helpful checklists, videos, personal stories, advice columns, resources, and more.

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Self Advocacy

Take control of your college experience by advocating for yourself.

Self-Advocacy Hub

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Tips and resources to help you achieve success in the classroom.

Academics Hub

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Campus Life

Learn how to deal with housing, relationships, and socializing in college.

Campus Life Hub

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Career & Money

Finding financial assistance for your schooling.

Career & Money Hub

Finding Your Way: A College Guide for Students on the Spectrum

Finding Your Way: A College Guide for Students on the Spectrum, which features practical advice from autism experts, powerful narratives from self-advocates, and relevant resource tools, is intended to help the reader anticipate and improve their academic and social situations, and to explore self-advocacy and the implications for autistic students.

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Other Resources

Learn more about the college resources we have for you.

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