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Support Autistic College Students

OAR has great resources for autistic college students, professors, faculty, and parents. Check them out today!

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Fall Webinars are Here!

Join OAR for four free webinars that will focus on autism in the workplace and offer practical tips for autistic adults, employers, parents, and professionals.

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Synchrony Tech Scholarship

OAR is now accepting applications for the Synchrony Tech Scholarship to support autistic adults interested in pursuing or advancing a career in the tech field.

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Big Sur International Marathon

OAR will be back at the Big Sur Marathon on April 28, 2024! Join the team and help fund autism research and services!

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We support all members of the autism community



The diagnosis of autism is a life-changing event. Through informed action and the use of treatments and interventions that match your child’s autism, you can enhance your child’s quality of life.

OAR provides resources to support families from diagnosis to adulthood and beyond.



School is critical for autistic students to develop academic, social, and life skills necessary for independence.

OAR offers free resources and grant opportunities to educators to help support autistic students in the classroom and foster a culture of acceptance



Navigating high school, college, and the job market can be both exciting and challenging for anyone, including autistic teens and adults.

OAR offers scholarships, employment mentorship, and resources to help meet the needs of autistic individuals.



OAR focuses solely on funding applied research that directly impacts the day-to-day quality of life of those with autism.

OAR’s applied and graduate research grant competitions offer researchers funding to address issues affecting autistic individuals, their families, teachers, and service providers.

About OAR

The Organization for Autism Research (OAR) was created in December 2001 – the product of the shared vision and unique life experiences of OAR’s seven founders. Led by these parents and grandparents of autistic children and adults, OAR set out to use applied science to answer questions that autistic individuals, their parents, families, teachers, and caregivers confront daily.

No other autism organization has this singular focus.

About Us

A charity like OAR doesn’t succeed on its own.

We rely on people’s generosity, time, and assistance to help fund research studies, produce and distribute guides and more.

OAR's Impact

OAR is dedicated to improving the lives of everyone impacted by autism by supporting research that produces meaningful and practical results. We keep autistic individuals, families, educators, and professionals informed by offering free, evidence-based resources and information every day.

See Our Impact

1 in 36 children

in the U.S. is diagnosed with autism.

Over $4.7 million

in support of autism research.

80% of funds

go directly to research and services.

Over $1.5 million

in scholarships to autism students.

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