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Incorporating the Kit for Kids into a curriculum is a significant step in a school’s anti-bullying strategy. Research shows that students with disabilities — especially those with autism — are more vulnerable to bullying than their counterparts. The Kit is designed so that students who positively influence their classmates can lead the program. It encourages students to celebrate everyone’s differences and helps to foster a more inclusive school community. An autistic support teacher in Sidman, Pa., said that the Kit helped students to “understand that kids with autism might need a little extra support but can be just like them. After the lesson with the classroom, the students asked many insightful questions.”

The Kit for Kids program promotes more inclusive classrooms where autistic students are respected and valued. For use with children in grades K-8, the Kit for Kids peer education program takes a fun, kid-friendly approach to helping neurotypical children better understand their autistic peers. Since its introduction in April 2012, the Kit, which includes the “What’s up with Nick?” story, has reached over 167,000 students.

Kit for Kids Program Components

The Kit for Kids program includes:

  • 20 “What’s up with Nick?” booklets
  • One how-to sheet
  • One lesson plan
  • One small classroom poster
  • One tips sheet
Spread the Word

The Kit for Kids program is a great addition to classroom libraries and school programs that serve elementary and middle school students in the general population. It is also an excellent resource for parents, school districts, autism resource centers, and other organizations that serve the needs of the autism community.

Access the Kit for Kids program online or order the free print version through our online store. For questions, comments, or bulk orders, please contact the Programs team at 571-977-5391 or