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Press Release

Arlington, VA, February 9, 2024 – The Organization for Autism Research (OAR) is publishing the Spanish translation of Life Journey Through Autism: A Guide for Military Families. The guide aims to support Spanish-speaking military families of autistic children. It is currently available online as a downloadable PDF, and will soon be released in paperback.   

When a military family has an autistic child, they face all the emotions and challenges that accompany this diagnosis, compounded by the realities of military service: war, extended family separation, frequent moves, varying access to specialized healthcare, and other stressors that complicate and often work against effective treatment for autistic children. These families need help navigating these uncharted and difficult waters. The purpose of this guide is to give each family the tools and access to information they need in their unique life journey through autism. 

More specifically, it offers:  

  • An understanding of autism and related intervention and treatment  
  • Strategies for addressing the challenges of autism from the time of diagnosis through adulthood  
  • An overview of the Department of Defense (DoD) and service policies related to having an autistic child  
  • Information on autism treatment options and coverage within the military healthcare system  
  • Practical information and tools to guide your child’s education  
  • Tips and advice relative to transitions such as permanent change of station (PCS) moves, new schools, and more  
  • Links to additional resources related to autism and military families  

Through this Spanish-translated guide, OAR continues to provide quality information on education, healthcare, and transitions in a military context. <<Guía para familias de militares>> was translated by Spectrum Translations. The development and distribution of this guide was made possible thanks to the generous support of Navy Federal Credit Union.   

The Spanish translation of A Guide for Military Families is available for download on OAR’s website. If you are interested in ordering hard copies of the guide, fill out this form to be notified when they are available to order. OAR encourages EFMP coordinators to share this resource with Spanish-speaking autism families in their communities. For discounts on bulk orders, please contact 

About OAR: The Organization for Autism Research (OAR) is a national non-profit organization formed and led by relatives of children and adults with autism. OAR is dedicated to promoting research that can be applied to help families, educators, caregivers, and individuals with autism find much-needed answers to their immediate and urgent questions. Learn more at