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Including Fathers in Social Communication Interventions

Fathers are a primary communication and play partner for children. They play and talk with children in different ways than mothers do, providing important support for social communication and play development. Despite this critical role in child development, fathers are underrepresented in both autism communication intervention and research. Fathers have described feeling like the “odd…

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Coaching Fathers to Improve Children’s Communication Skills

In November, OAR’s Board of Directors authorized funding for seven applied autism research studies in 2023. These new grants, totaling $276,212, bring OAR’s total research funding to more than $4.7 million since 2002. This article is the sixth of seven previews to be featured in The OARacle this year.   Autistic children have marked deficits in communication…

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Your Dedication Took Us Over the Finish Line in April!

Earlier this year, OAR laid out a set of ambitious goals to continue engaging community members in celebration of April’s Autism Acceptance Month. OAR staff worked with teachers, parents, clinicians, autistic individuals, employers, and researchers to support their local initiatives and increase autism acceptance. This recap describes what was accomplished in partnership with community supporters…

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Raising Autistic Children

Two fathers, both members of OAR’s RUN FOR AUTISM team, describe what is like to raise autistic children, from diagnosis to achievements to lessons learned and the bonds they have with their children. Opportunities The COVID-19 pandemic created a lot of challenges to navigate, but it also presented new opportunities. At the onset of the…

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DAD Focuses on the Fathers of Autistic Children

“I hope the film shows Dads like me that it doesn’t have to be quite so lonely, and actually talking about ‘it’ can only help you and your child.” – Richard Peake, a father featured in the film June is the month we celebrate fathers and their contributions to their families. An Australian documentary, “DAD,”…

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Why We Should Continue to Embrace Autism Acceptance after April

April is a time of year to celebrate autism acceptance. During April, you’ll see people and businesses openly supporting autism and advocating for the autism community. However, what happens to these advocacy efforts once April is over? It is important for us to promote autism acceptance after April. Besides, autistic people don’t magically turn into…

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How to Plan a Vacation with Your Autistic Child

As a parent of an autistic child, you know it’s important to include them in much of the planning process for vacations. After all, helping with the planning allows them to get used to the idea of being away from home in a new destination. Skipping this step, and creating surprises, may result in an…

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Active for Autism 5K and Kids Dash Was Fun for All

The fifth annual Active for Autism 5K & Kids Dash was another huge success, raising over $50,000 for OAR’s Changing Lives Fund. This year, 389 virtual and in-person participants, representing three countries and 28 states plus Washington D.C., dedicated their miles to autism research. OAR is grateful to all the participants, fundraisers, donors, and sponsors who helped to make this event an outstanding success! Check…

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Join the RUN FOR AUTISM Marine Corps Marathon Team

What better way to celebrate the RUN FOR AUTISM’s 20th birthday than by joining the RUN team at the Marine Corps Marathon? The marathon is annually ranked “Best Marathon in the Mid-Atlantic,” “Best for Families,” and “Best for Beginners.” All runners will receive a 20th anniversary OAR finisher medal to celebrate our long partnership with…

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