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A Parent’s Guide to Research

Understanding a complex spectrum disorder like autism is difficult enough in a purely academic setting. Yet when parents learn of their child’s autism diagnosis, they are tasked with educating themselves about autism and the wide range of treatment options available.

Research can play a critical role in that education. That is why we created A Parent’s Guide to Research, a basic primer on autism research. The guide made specifically for parents includes information about how to:

  • Find high-quality information about autism
  • Distinguish between evidence-based and non-research-based information
  • Get an overview of the current state of autism research
  • Become savvy consumers of autism research news
  • Evaluate research studies using a guiding uniform framework
  • Interpret and apply research findings to their individual situation and needs

This publication was made possible through a grant from the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation.

This guide is also available as an eBook! You can download it for KindleNook, and Kobo.

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