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Helping adults with ASD find meaningful employment requires the support of exceptional people like Diane and Rusty Lingenfelter. They were among the first supporters of Hire Autism, OAR’s employment initiative, and took their commitment to the next level last month by becoming our first Hire Autism Navigators.

The Navigator program was created by OAR to help support job seekers registered on Hire Autism through the job search process. Navigators will help job seekers with resume and cover letter reviews and mentor them on professionalism. The resume review combined with the use of the Hire Autism online resources will help these young adults navigate their job searches more effectively. The concept for the Hire Autism Navigator program originated in the ENCORE Prize competition in 2017. ENCORE is an innovation hub tapping the talent of people 50+ for a force of good to help youth.

The Lingenfelters serve as an outstanding example of how seasoned professionals can positively impact young adults with autism who are entering the workforce. They have supported Hire Autism since 2017 when Diane served as OAR’s first Hire Autism manager and Rusty hired the program’s first job seeker at his company, Quality Innovation, Inc. (Qi²).   

Our next Navigator training is scheduled to kick off January 2020. If you’re interested in becoming a Hire Autism Navigator, you can learn more at https://researchautism.org/navigator-application/.

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