Youth Education Leaders play an important role in raising awareness and building acceptance for Autism Spectrum Disorders among students in grades K-8. OAR seeks volunteers of all ages who demonstrate the leadership skills, communication skills, and initiative to teach the Kit for Kids program. OAR staff is willing to work closely with high school students, parents, educators, and others interested in implementing the program at their school, local library, or other community organization.

Responsibilities and Requirements

  • Identify a local school or organization where you will volunteer and coordinate a time to present the Kit for Kids
  • Review Kit for Kids materials thoroughly before presentation day
  • Use the Kit for Kids lesson materials as outlined in the proposed plan
    • Read the “What’s Up with Nick?” story aloud in a positive and professional manner to children in the general population
    • Facilitate classroom discussion about the story using the lesson plan and script provided
  • Track, record, and submit service hours in a timely manner


This is a flexible position that requires little to no travel. Volunteers who are under 18 years old must identify a supervisor. Youth Education Leaders must obtain approval from the organization where the lesson(s) will take place.