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OARacle Newsletter

In a study published in 2023, more autistic college students reported below-average mental health (22.9%) than their non-autistic peers (14.3%), highlighting the critical importance  of information for autistic college students about mental health and how to maintain good mental health.

Created by a team led by Vanessa Bal, Ph.D., and Evan Kleiman, Ph.D., at Rutgers University, OAR’s A Mental Health Guide for Autistic College Students is intended to help autistic students promote their own well-being and know when and where to seek mental health services during college. The Mental Health Guide addresses challenges that may come up, as well as tips to promote well-being and cope with feeling overwhelmed. The guide also offers practical advice for navigating access to mental health care for autistic college students and their parents. The guide covers topics such as:

  • How to promote well-being
  • Tips to help students feel less overwhelmed
  • When and how to seek mental health services
  • How to navigate barriers to accessing services

Download a PDF of A Mental Health Guide for Autistic College Students with graphics or without graphics. For questions or comments, please contact the Programs team at programs @