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OARacle Newsletter

OAR recently welcomed nine new volunteers for the Hire Autism Navigator program. Congratulations to the new navigators who successfully completed their navigator training and will now be ready to work one-on-one with autistic job seekers! Our newest navigators are:

  • Tina Arnoldi
  • Brandan Balasingham 
  • Bryan Hurwitz 
  • Bridget Kunz 
  • Kathleen Mahoney 
  • Sylvia Musselman 
  • Maulik Sarin 
  • Jeff Smith 
  • Victoria Wiedel  

The new navigators will join OAR’s cadre of Hire Autism navigators in helping autistic adults with their job searches, including updating their resumes and cover letters, preparing for interviews, identifying potential jobs, and more.  

One of our experienced navigators, Paolo Encarnacion, described the work a navigator does: “I have been working with my jobseeker for over two months, and we just wrapped our last session. As a navigator, I’m so proud of her, and she’s come a long way. She put in the work, always showed up prepared to our sessions, did her homework, and exceeded them most of the time.”  

Not only were they able to get her job search materials ready to be submitted to employers, but he also mentioned her gratitude for having someone take her seriously and meet her where she was in her job search. That working partnership exemplifies what the Navigator Program can accomplish with a team of dedicated navigators. 

Are you or someone you know a fit for this role? Apply today to be a navigator or a Hire Autism ambassador. We are accepting applications for our October cohort.