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Due to the changes COVID-19 has wrought on the employment market, OAR has extended our Jobtimize pilot through the end of the 2020 in order to continue supporting job seekers during this challenging time. Job seekers can use the Jobtimize interest and skills assessment for free through Hire Autism.

The Jobtimize assessment highlights a job seeker’s attributes and provides customized job recommendations based upon their behavioral traits, attitudes, interests, education, and experience level. If you are a job seeker, understanding of the types of jobs you are interested in and how your skills and strengths can contribute to the workplace can enable you to target jobs for which you are a good match. And that’s a good edge to have in this employment market.

Job seekers can use their Jobtimize report to aid in career planning or use it as a standalone resource to help them better understand the skills and traits that can distinguish them from others when they begin searching for a job. Jobtimize also provides links to jobs listed through Indeed in the job seeker’s local area. 

To access Jobtimize, individuals must first create a profile on Hire Autism’s website. After they register, they will receive a welcome email with a link to access Jobtimize.

Since January, 59 jobseekers have taken advantage of the free Jobtimize interest and skills assessment through Hire Autism. “We know our job seekers have a range of talents and skills that can benefit the workforce. Jobtimize can help them understand where their talents can best be utilized,” says Amanda Rioux, manager of OAR’s Hire Autism program. “It can be challenging to find the right job. This tool helps to make that process a little easier.”

OAR encourages parents, job seekers and autism professionals to share this information with others who may be interested. If you have questions about Jobtimize or Hire Autism, please contact Amanda Rioux at