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The RUN FOR AUTISM Endurance Challenge is back for its third year! Join us for this 30-day exercise and fundraising challenge dedicated to autism research. Starting on November 1, we challenge participants to complete one, two, or all three endurance challenges by November 30. Walk, run, swim, and/or cycle for the 30 days in November while logging your mileage as you work towards your overall goal. Don’t forget to take photos and have fun.  

OAR’s fundraising goal for the Endurance Challenge is $20,000. Fundraising is not required, but participants are encouraged to do so and set their own fundraising goal. There is no right number; your commitment is what matters. Still, if you set a lofty goal, you will likely be surprised by how many people are willing to donate to help you reach your goal and support OAR. (And, remember, the more you raise, the more fundraising swag you get.)  

  • 50-Mile Challenge (averages out to 1.66 miles a day)
    $50 provides 28 copies of A Guide to Safety to families and first responders. 
  • 100-Mile Challenge (averages out to 3.33 miles a day)
    $100 provides the “Kit for Kids” peer education resource to an entire elementary or middle school. 
  • 150-Mile Challenge (averages out to 5 miles a day)
    $150 delivers 65 copies of A Guide for Military Families to a military installation. 
  • New 30 Minutes of Activity Kids Challenge (Kids do 30 minutes of a fun activity every day.)
    $30 provides 18 copies of Autism, My Sibling, and Me to an autism support group. 

Register today! Use code 2022EC10 to receive 10% off registration. Then get ready to count up the miles you cover in November to help fund autism research and services. 

Have questions?  Email the RUN staff at