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OARacle Newsletter

Please welcome OAR’s newest employee, Adeline Hahn. Hahn joined the staff as a RUN FOR AUTISM coordinator at the end of September. What she noticed right away was the passion for OAR’s mission that everyone from the staff to the runners has. “I love meeting OAR’s runners and learning why they run. Their stories are inspirational, as is their dedication and motivation. As a runner, I’m excited to help runners as they fundraise and train for a good cause,” she said.

She likes the variety of the job and her co-workers, noting that it’s fun to work in an office where people love what they do and collaborating with each other and others in the autism community. What Hahn enjoys most is working with runners, coordinating events, and planning longer term initiatives.

Her goals are to recruit more runners and increase total fundraising through increased runner support and new fundraising ideas.

Hahn graduated from Brown University this past May with degrees in international and public affairs and business. Her experience includes internships at a large corporation working in project management and at a small education nonprofit serving middle schoolers. She was also a staffer for a U.S. congressional campaign the summer after she graduated, just before taking the job at OAR.