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Quiz Yourself!

It can take time to find the study habits that work best for you. Take this quiz to determine how well you currently manage your school work.


How effective are your study habits?

Creating and maintaining strong academic habits can be tricky. Many students, who do and do not have autism, can struggle when it comes to academics. Equipped with the right tools, however, you’ll be able to perform better.nnThe following is a list of questions to determine the ways in which you could be more successful academically. Read each question and select the answer that best fits your typical habits. If this is difficult, think about your lifestyle in the past two weeks and use that to answer the questions. Be honest with yourself to see where you can improve. Keep track of your answers to calculate your score at the end of the questionnaire.

Do you fill out your planner with course syllabi, school calendar (holidays, etc.), and personal dates (like meetings and doctor’s appointments)?(Required)
Do you pack your backpack up before class, instead of rushing to do it last minute?(Required)
Do you seek out a distraction-free area for studying?(Required)
Do you schedule out time during the week for homework and studying, and for laundry and other chores?(Required)
Are you registered with the Office of Disability Supports?(Required)
Do you email professors or attend office hours when you need help or have questions?(Required)
Do you seek out academic resources, such as the assistance of a writing center or peer tutors, when you need them?(Required)
Do you space out your studying and do a little each day (to avoid cramming the day before)?(Required)
When studying, do you utilize flashcards, practice tests, or online quizzes to practice retrieving information?(Required)
Do you keep all of your syllabi together in a safe place?(Required)
Do you set mini-deadlines for yourself to break big assignments into smaller chunks?(Required)