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Autistic and on Campus

For those who pursue post-secondary schooling, there is not much support for autistic students pertaining to college life. With OAR’s Finding Your Way:  A College Guide for Students on the Spectrum, you have a succinct navigational booklet that helps you with a lot, including living on campus. However, if you need more assistance, you also have your school’s office of disability services to help you navigate college and take advantage of any academic or housing accommodations that are available.

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Are you Ready? Take one or both of our quizzes to help you figure out if living on campus or with a roommate is something that you want to do. After, review the roommate agreements template to get the gist of what it is, and how you and your roommate can accommodate each other’s needs and desires to make for an awesome time together!

Should You Live On Campus?

Take this to see if living on campus is ideal for you.

Should You Have A Roommate?

Take this quiz to see if you should live with a roommate.

Sample Roommate Agreements

Check out this example of roommate agreements.

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