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Parents Taking Action: Adapting a program for Korean immigrants caring for children with autism

Principal Investigator(s):

Irang Kim, Ph.D.

Grant Type:

Applied Research




Tulane University

Year Awarded:



In Progress




Our proposed research study seeks to fill critical gaps in autism research as there is a lack of intervention research focusing on Korean immigrant families raising young children with autism. Studies have consistently found that early intervention significantly improves child and family outcomes (e.g., social communication, child-parents interaction) across the span of childhood into adulthood. However, systemic barriers, including linguistic and cultural differences, have prevented Korean immigrants from accessing vital services, further exacerbating health disparities in the United States. To address these barriers, we will adapt an evidence-based intervention, Parents Taking Action (PTA) program, using the Cultural Adaption Checklist. Also, we have convened a community advisory group to provide feedback on the adaptation and implementation of the PTA. To analyze this project, we will use a mixed methods design to assess the PTA’s feasibility, acceptability, and short-term outcomes for caregivers (e.g., family functioning, parental stress, mental health, and self-efficacy) and child (e.g., challenging behaviors). The proposed project builds on research funded by a 2016 Organization for Autism Research Graduate Award, expands on a successful proof-of-concept, and presents a community-engaged research model to improve access to and effectiveness of existing systems and services through the application of a culturally competent intervention.