Helping Optimize Language Acquisition (HOLA): Online Parent Training Modules for Latinx Parents of Toddlers at Risk for ASD

Principal Investigator(s):
Robin Dodds, Ph.D.
Grant Type:
Applied Research
California State University Los Angeles (CSULA)
Los Angeles, California
Year Awarded:
Early Intervention; Families; Miscellaneous


Culturally competent parent training in evidence-based intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can provide young Latinx children from underserved communities with early interventional support while they wait for professional services, thus reducing the impact of intervention delays. Providing parents with a brief bilingual training in Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) is a strategy that can overcome these barriers and is inexpensive to disseminate.
Brief PRT training has been shown to significantly improve joint attention, expressive language, responsivity and adaptive skills in young children with ASD. However, it is unknown whether an interactive, culturally competent online parent training in PRT is effective in a Latinx population. To this end, we will recruit 24 children (16 to 36 months) at risk for ASD and their parent from East and South Los Angeles and provide them with a series of 6 online learning modules in their choice of Spanish or English.

Brief online parent training in evidence-based treatments have the capacity to increase access to culturally competent early communication intervention for young children at risk for ASD. The results of this trial may have particular salience in additional under resourced communities where children have limited access to interventions prior to entering school.

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