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Evaluating the effects of virtual support groups for intersectional autistic individuals

Principal Investigator(s):

Meredith Maroney, Ph.D.

Grant Type:

Applied Research




University of Massachusetts Boston

Year Awarded:



In Progress


Health and Sensory Issues


The purpose of this community-engaged project is to evaluate the effects of peer-led intersectional support groups for autistic individuals (both diagnosed and self-identified). In year one, we will conduct qualitative interviews with past participants and facilitators of Autistic LGBTQ+ focused virtual support groups, which are currently running through the Association for Autism and Neurodiversity (AANE). Based on the results from year one, we will collect data through a brief survey to examine changes before and after participating in virtual peer-led support groups. This project is conducted with collaboration and support from AANE, and aims to inform the delivery of these groups, as well as to develop recommendations for the development of community-led support groups for an underserved group, Autistic LGBTQ+ people. This mixed-methods project will be conducted over two years.