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OARacle Newsletter

OAR strives to support autistic young adults in their transition to college and adulthood, a process that can be overwhelming as they leave the support of the K-12 special education system. This fall, as part of that targeted support for autistic young adults, OAR has a goal to distribute 15,000 copies of our informational resources to autistic college students, professors, university staff, and parents.  

If you know of any transition programs, high school guidance offices, college autism support programs, conferences, or workshops that may benefit from these resources and would like to request a bulk order, please contact us at with the subject line “Higher Education Resources.” 

For Autistic Students

Do you have questions about making friends on campus or balancing your academic and social life? Do you want to explore the topics of sexuality and dating? Or maybe you need advice for living with a roommate. Look to OAR for resources on those topics and others related to making a smooth transition to college life:  

For Professors and University Staff

If you have an autistic student in your class, OAR can help you learn more about autism or implement engaging lesson plans for students in their program. OAR’s resources provide comprehensive tips and educational curricula for understanding how to best accommodate your students on the spectrum:  

For Parents

If you are a parent, OAR has resources for you too, to help you guide your young adult as they navigate this exciting and challenging transition. Check out these resources for advice on promoting healthy conversations around independent living, safety, sexuality, dating, and goals for the future: