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Autism Tuned In: Play Videos and Games

Autism Tuned-In

Autism Tuned In is an online extension of our popular Kit for Kids program, which is designed to teach elementary and middle school students about their autistic peers. The online e-learning space not only enhances the learning experience with color and movement but is also more easily accessed and shared.

Children who are uninformed about autism are likely to misattribute idiosyncratic behaviors, such as not making eye contact, to an individual’s personality rather than their disability. In classrooms, this lack of understanding can lead to harmful consequences like bullying and social isolation. Peer education resources that reframe the conversation about autism in a positive way help to promote inclusion and acceptance among non-autistic students and their peers on the spectrum.

Tuned in

Make Learning Fun!

Autism Tuned In uses engaging animations and games to address universal topics like being different, understanding others, expressing oneself, and using one’s senses.

The website is based on two core components:

  1. A web-based presentation of eight videos that walk students through each page of the “What’s up with Nick?” story, bringing cartoon characters from the hard copy booklets to life through animation, sound effects, and narration.
  2. A set of eight themed activities, such as matching and fill-in-the-blank games, that reinforce the information in a fun and engaging way.
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Rewards to Motivate Students

Autism Tuned In can serve as a standalone resource or be used along with the hard copy Kit for Kids materials. It allows teachers to track student progress and completion so activities can be assigned as computer classwork or homework. OAR has pencil prizes and ribbon awards that can be handed out to students who complete all of the online activities.

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