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Sexuality & Relationship Ed.

Sex Ed Resource Coming Soon

OAR is developing a new resource to help people with autism better understand sexuality and personal relationships. This is an important subject in terms of personal growth, development, and safety, but it can also be a daunting one. We are excited to create a resource on this topic that is specific to the needs of…

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Safe Dating for Youth with ASD

In October, OAR’s Board of Directors authorized funding for eight new applied autism research studies in 2019. These new grants, totaling $228,036, bring OAR’s total research funding to over $3.7 million since 2002. This is the second of eight previews to be featured in The OARacle this year. Approximately 10 percent of all U.S. high…

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Talking About Healthy Relationships

We all want our children to have full lives. One important component of a full life is having a healthy romantic/sexual relationship with a partner. If you are a parent, this can be a scary thought because we worry about how our kids will navigate these relationships and if they will be safe from harm…

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The Importance of Teaching Dating Skills

Watching teenagers flirt can be cringe-inducing for any adult. But when the youth in question are on the spectrum, sometimes it can be all the more challenging to figure out whether—or how—to run interference. Take the case of Nina,* a 15 year-old girl who joined a recreational program for youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).…

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