OAR_chartRaise money. Fund research. Change lives.

Our intent with every dollar we raise and spend pursuing knowledge through research or creating resources is to offer support to self-advocates, parents, siblings, teachers,
military families, and more. Ultimately, we do that one study, one resource, one child, one family, one school, one teacher at a time.


Since 2002, we have:

  • Funded more than $3.6 million for new autism research: 98 grants/$3,345,000 for pilot studies and $191,660 in grants to 105 graduates
  • Awarded $476,000 in scholarships to 156 persons with autism attending college or vocational-technical schools after high school
  • Money graphic iconPublished eight guides in the Life Journey through Autism series: A Parent’s Guide to Research, An Educator’s Guide to Autism, An Educator’s Guide to Asperger Syndrome, A Guide for Transition to Adulthood, A Parent’s Guide to Assessment, A Guide for Military Families, Navigating the Special Education System, and A Guide to Safety
  • Created Operation Autism, a website that provides military families impacted by autism with information 24/7
  • Introduced the “Autism in the School House” program built around the Kit for Kids Peer Education Initiative and Understanding Autism, a “Curriculum-in-a-Box” containing resource guides and a curriculum DVD that gives middle and high school teachers a basic understanding of autism and best practices for teaching students with autism
  • Created and delivered three new resources related to siblings of individuals with autism, one for parents, one for teen siblings, and a fun workbook for younger siblings.
  • Created Hire Autism, a unique jobs portal that allows adults with autism to meet prospective employers in an autism-friendly online meeting space


See what others have to say about OAR

Many organizations are unwilling to actually listen to their clients, but not OAR. They are open minded and responsive to those they are serving. This is a great organization.

As the [former] Executive Director of Autism Speaks, the National Capital Area Chapter, I am proud to say that we have and continue to partner with Organization for Autism Research on a number of initiatives. They have created quality resources that are practical and valuable for schools in the area. I would recommend any family, individual or organization connected to autism to navigate their site and browse through the great materials they have to offer.

—Marley Rave

I work with a state department of education. I have utilized the OAR resources since coming into my role at the state level. It has been fantastic to be able to refer families and educators to common resources which are high quality, evidence based, come in multiple formats and are FREE! It is very hard to find quality national non-profit resources which are free and transfer to both families and educators. I am glad OAR is there to help fulfill this need.

—Daniel Parker, Autism consultant

I have never seen so many individuals care so much about people! This is a top rated organization, run by top rated professionals. I will always be a part of OAR no matter what! OAR has helped so many children, families, adults and educators. I am so happy to be a part of the OAR Team as an iRun participant.”

–OAR Runner

Everyone benefits from the work that OAR does. The awareness and acceptance of autism in our communities is spreading far and wide, and creating a more positive community for my son TJ, 15 with autism, to live in. As a mom of this amazing boy, I am so grateful to this organization. Every day.”

– Autism mother

I have had privilege to work on many projects with OAR, as well as benefit from the vast resources they have available for families, professionals, etc. I am impressed with the dedication of the organization’s staff and volunteers. They truly care about making a real difference in the lives of people that are affected by Autism.

I run an organization dedicated to the interests of [people] who have siblings with special needs. More than half of the participants in our youth programs have siblings with autism. So we were very excited to find OAR’s great sibling materials and have been distributing them throughout Wisconsin. Great resource for parents and professionals. Thank you for your work and continuing to research the needs of people with autism, their siblings and families.

– Autism professional, Wisconsin

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