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Our intent with every dollar we raise and spend pursuing knowledge through research or creating resources is to offer support to self-advocates, parents, siblings, teachers,
military families, and more. Ultimately, we do that one study, one resource, one child, one family, one school, one teacher at a time.


Since 2002, we have:

  • Funded more than $3.6 million for new autism research: 98 grants/$3,345,000 for pilot studies and $191,660 in grants to 105 graduates
  • Awarded $476,000 in scholarships to 156 persons with autism attending college or vocational-technical schools after high school
  • Money graphic iconPublished eight guides in the Life Journey through Autism series: A Parent’s Guide to Research, An Educator’s Guide to Autism, An Educator’s Guide to Asperger Syndrome, A Guide for Transition to Adulthood, A Parent’s Guide to Assessment, A Guide for Military Families, Navigating the Special Education System, and A Guide to Safety
  • Created Operation Autism, a website that provides military families impacted by autism with information 24/7
  • Introduced the “Autism in the School House” program built around the Kit for Kids Peer Education Initiative and Understanding Autism, a “Curriculum-in-a-Box” containing resource guides and a curriculum DVD that gives middle and high school teachers a basic understanding of autism and best practices for teaching students with autism
  • Created and delivered three new resources related to siblings of individuals with autism, one for parents, one for teen siblings, and a fun workbook for younger siblings.
  • Created Hire Autism, a unique jobs portal that allows adults with autism to meet prospective employers in an autism-friendly online meeting space


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Year-End Giving

Your contribution helps change lives! Organization for Autism Research relies on donations from people like you to fulfill our mission. Your contribution this year helps OAR continue to offer all our resources free of charge, fund a new round of research grants, and fund a new resource development grant to help community members improve the...

Community Grant Competition

Grants for Community Stakeholders Supporting the Health and Quality of Life of Autistic Individuals Current status: Accepting applications until April 30, 2022 BACKGROUND We believe that autistic individuals and the people who surround them (relatives, educators, health care providers) have the potential to innovate practical solutions that promote the quality of life of autistic individuals....

Community Grant Competition FAQ

Who is eligible to apply for the Community Grant Competition? Eligible applicants include community stakeholders, such as: Parents/family members Autistic individuals Community organizations (e.g., K-12 public schools, parent groups, 501(c)(3) non-profits, etc.) Additionally, by the time of the award, the applicant must be a citizen or a non-citizen national of the United States or have...

A Guide for Transition to Adulthood (2006)

This resource was originally published in 2006. Please click here for the 2021 updated edition. Adulthood is more than just a chronological state. Adulthood represents a time in one’s life where there are increased levels of independence, choice, responsibility, and personal control. Adulthood is the defining period of one’s life and, while we may look...


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Research Participation Opportunities

Research Participation Opportunities Looking to help advance the future of autism research? Studies at the cutting edge of improving quality of life for autistic people are happening right now — and these studies would be nowhere without participants. That's where you come in. Here, you will find opportunities to get involved in research studies. These...

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