Dr. Rachel Taylor (formerly Dr. Tarbox) has supported individuals diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders for more than 20 years. Dr. Taylor started her career working in several prestigious institutions including the New England Center for Children and the Kennedy Krieger Institute. She is the former Co-Director of Research and Development for CARD and the Founder and Director of CARDs Specialized Outpatient Services. Dr. Taylor was also the founding ABA Department Chair at The Chicago School Los Angeles and has held faculty positions at California State University Los Angeles and Channel Islands. She has published numerous peer reviewed articles and book chapters, and has served on the Executive Council for ABAI. Dr. Taylor is also the 2020 Conference Chair for CalABA. Her current interests include 1) protecting against a potential divide between science and practice and 2) demonstrating how ABA produces socially significant improvements regardless of age or diagnosis.

Rachel Taylor Bio
Rachel Taylor, PhD, BCBA-D

 Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Center for Applied Behavior Analysis
Founder, CABA Consulting
Los Angeles, CA

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Website: www.centerforaba.com

“During these uncertain times, my goal as a member of the Scientific Council is to support all efforts aimed at disseminating best practices for supporting individuals with ASD.” 
Rachel Taylor