Patricia has a passion for education and advocacy and has dedicated her career to ensuring that individuals with disabilities are fully-included in society. Her personal mission is to offer the support that makes it possible for people with disabilities to lead meaningful, happy and productive lives. In her current role as Vice President of Professional Services with the educational technology company Rethink, she works to ensure products are implemented effectively, promoting quality outcomes for individuals living with disabilities. Prior to joining Rethink, Patricia was the National Director of Autism Services for Easter Seals, one of the largest social service providers to those living with autism. Patricia began her career as a special educator and has provided consultative services to educators and healthcare providers. Wright’s expertise as an educator and Board Certified Behavior Analyst inform her individualized approach to creating effective intervention plans. She knows that early diagnosis and intervention offer the best outcomes, but is a proponent of appropriate treatment at any age. Everyone has the ability to learn. Patricia frequently presents at national and international conferences, and is been invited to deliver workshops and presentations nationally and internationally. She is a member of the Organization for Autism Research’s Scientific Council and has served on the Executive Committee for the Friends of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities.

Patricia Wright, Ph.D., MPH, BCBA-D

Rethink, Vice President of Professional Services
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


“OAR is committed to promoting applied science. Research to determine effective services and supports is imperative to ensuring people living with ASD lead high quality lives.” 
Patricia Wright