Lori’s journey through the world of autism began in 1997 when her younger son, Charlie (CJ) was diagnosed with autism. From a toddler who might never speak, through years of serious behavior issues, to rotating schools and adjusting medications, today CJ is a wonderful young adult who is realizing his full potential.  CJ fully speaks, reads, plays sports, and is prospering in a life skills and vocational independence program.  CJ has positively and meaningfully impacted the entire family, including leading his older brother’s path to a Master’s degree in special education. Having spent a lifetime teaching CJ, Lori says she has discovered that she has learned far more than she ever could have taught.

Lori has also had a dynamic career practicing law for almost 35 years. She currently has a law firm in Great Neck, New York where her practice focuses on the bankruptcy field, and she has been recognized as one of the top businesswomen on Long Island.

lori lapin jones board headshot
Lori Lapin Jones, Esquire

Vice Chair, Organization For Autism Research
Great Neck, New York

“OAR’s mission perfectly matches my interest in the autism field – focusing on how we can help individuals with autism today.” 
Lori Lapin Jones