Lisa Hussman is the parent of a 22 year old son with autism and a 20 year old daughter.   She has an MBA from Loyola College in Maryland.  Lisa has served on OAR’s board since 2009.  As OAR’s Scholarship Committee Chairwoman, she established the Lisa Higgins Hussman Scholarship Program in 2013.   This scholarship supports students in Life Skills Programs as well as degree seeking student programs. 

She is the President of the Lisa Higgins Hussman Foundation, which has helped support OAR’s research, scholarships and program guides, including the Kit For Kids.   She has also participated, along with her nephews, in OAR’s Run For Autism program. 

Lisa has also served on the ARC of Howard County’s board for five years where she received their Presidents Award in 2013.  She also received the ARC of Maryland’s volunteer of the year award in 2015.   

Lisa Hussman headshot 200x200
Lisa M. Hussman, MBA, BA

Lisa Higgins Hussman Foundation – President
ARC – Former Board Member
OAR – Board Member
Ellicott City, MD

“OAR’s programs have a great impact. It is especially rewarding to hear the success stories from the students who receive the Schwallie and Hussman Scholarships.” 
Lisa M. Hussman