OAR is the last and final organizational stop in James’ journey with autism that began when his daughter, Dana, then his son, James, were diagnosed with autism. Like every parent of a child with autism he knows, James and his wife learned everything they could about autism and did everything they could to provide the most complete treatment regimen for their children.

His path took him to serve as a member of the Autism Society of America’s Board of Directors, then as the Vice Chairman of the ASA Foundation, before founding OAR and serving as its Chairman since 2001. He is pleased to say that Dana and James, now well into their thirties, have lives that include work each enjoys and the continued love and support of their family.

James says, “We founded OAR because we wanted to focus more attention and funds on autism and autism research related to the everyday challenges it presents children like mine and others impacted by autism.” He is proud of what OAR has been able to do in such a relatively short span and looks forward to continuing to add to its body of purposeful accomplishment with each passing year.

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“Because of the clear sense of mission, OAR is doing valuable stuff now which has direct impact on the lives of my two children with autism, Dana and James.” 
James M. Sack