Cathy Schwallie Farmer is the founder of Schwallie Farmer Consulting, a software, project/strategy and startup consulting practice. She has been in software development and technology for over 25 years. Cathy is also the co-founder of eSponte, which is an early stage startup automating employment law compliance for businesses. Cathy is an active Venture Board member at University of California, Berkeley’s SkyDeck Startup Accelerator.

She is also a volunteer/mentor and judge for Big Ideas and LAUNCH, both part of University of California, Berkeley with her focus on HealthIT. Cathy is part of a group of Tech professionals of family members with autism/Asperger’s, connecting on ideas and opportunities for Tech improvements for their loved ones. She is an active volunteer for Special Olympics of Northern California and teaches catechism at St. Ambrose Catholic Church in Berkeley every year including at least one child on the spectrum.

Cathy received a bachelor’s from University of Massachusetts, Boston in Computer Science and Math. She resides in Berkeley, California and is the mother of two young adult children, and sister of two brothers on the spectrum, one of whom has Asperger’s and lives and works independently and the other lives in a group home at Eden’s of NJ.

Cathy Schwallie Farmer

Startup Co-Founder, Advisor & Software Consultant
Berkeley, CA


“The Schwallie Foundation is incredibly proud to support the OAR Schwallie Family Scholarship. Reading the applications is inspiring every year.” 
Cathy Schwallie Farmer