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In April, OAR teamed up with several researchers to deliver a spring webinar series on community-based participatory research (CBPR). The series featured researchers who conducted studies related to participatory research with autistic adults, healthy relationships on the autism spectrum, and suicide prevention. In highlighting their work, they provided effective strategies for fellow researchers on how to meaningfully and authentically engage community members on their project designs.  

A total of 137 out of 348 registrants attended the live events. Of the 78 participants who provided feedback, 94% percent reported the content as being helpful and relevant to their needs. One attendee who participated in the Autistic Adults and Other Stakeholders Engage Together for Suicide Prevention event said, “This was my first event and I loved it! I will definitely be coming back!” 

We thank the expert presenters for disseminating important information on how to authentically engage community members. We will continue to highlight community-based participatory research in The OARacle and plan to host another webinar series in the fall to support autistic young adults to find employment. Stay tuned for updates! 

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