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OAR’s most recent webinar, “Social Skills for Adolescents and Adults with ASD: Finding Relevant Targets for Instruction, Using Instructional Strategies that Work, and Balancing Self-Determination with Skill-Building,” is available on OAR’s website. You can view the webinar video (which runs one hour and 15 minutes long) and access the handouts.

Mary Jane Weiss, Ph.D., BCBA-D, professor at Endicott College and OAR Scientific Council member, presented the webinar. She discussed the following topics to help clinicians working with adolescents and adults with ASD:

  • Determining meaningful outcomes for adolescents and adults with ASD
  • Teaching evidence-based social skills
  • Measuring socially significant outcomes in this curricular domain
  • Areas of vulnerability for these individuals and ways to reduce risk
Helpful and Relevant to Attendees’ Needs

Of the 640 registrants, more than 260 attended the online event. Of the 167 participants who provided feedback:

  • 91 percent reported the content as being helpful and relevant to their needs.
  • 95 percent reported that they were likely to participate in another OAR webinar event.
  • 98 percent rated the overall webinar session as three or higher on a scale of one to five.

One attendee noted that she has “two young children and a husband, all autistic, and Dr. Weiss provided some great pointers to work toward for the young ones and some great background to layer my understanding of my husband’s potential challenges in the workplace. THANK YOU!”

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