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Understanding Autism: An Employer’s Guide

With a rising number of young adults on the spectrum entering the workforce, it is becoming increasingly important to help build autism awareness among employers. OAR collaborated with the District of Columbia Public Schools to produce a short resource entitled Understanding Autism: An Employer’s Guide to help frontline supervisors support their autistic employees in the workplace. The guide will offer basic information about autism and the workplace, as well as keys to success that supervisors can use as they orient, train, and support the professional growth of their employees.

We wrote An Employer’s Guide to help first-line supervisors understand, welcome, train, and support autistic young adults in the workplace by outlining five keys to success. These practical tips are easy to implement:

  • Get to know your employee
  • Orient your employee and train him or her on specific job duties
  • Foster a welcoming and supportive workplace
  • Maximize your company’s existing support systems
  • Give clear directions and performance feedback

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