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How To Order Resources

Ordering OAR Resources

Thanks for your interest in ordering OAR’s resources! OAR provides up to two (2) free copies of each resource to each person. If you are ordering more than two copies of a resource, OAR requires a nominal fee to cover printing costs. Please read this page for information about how to place your order.

How to Order

If you want three or more copies of any resource:

  1. Download the Bulk Order Form.
  2. Complete the “Order Details” tab with the items you plan to order.
  3. Take note of the fee listed as the Total in Row 42.
  4. Add your desired items to your cart.
  5. When viewing your shopping cart, add the total fee from the Bulk Order Form as a donation.
  6. Check out.
  7. Verify that you have received the correct number of materials at least 6 weeks after placing your order by emailing

If you are placing a bulk order on behalf of a school or other nonprofit organization and are unable to cover these costs, please complete the entire Bulk Order Form and email it to us.

Note: If you order more than two free samples of each resource without prior approval, your order will automatically be adjusted to a maximum of two copies per resource during processing.

Customers outside of the US

If you are shipping resources to an address outside the US, OAR requires you or your organization to cover international shipping costs. After you place your order, OAR will email you to confirm the cost and process your payment.



Please contact with any questions.


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