A Guide to Educating Students with Autism


An Educator’s Guide to Autism, the second book in our Life Journey Through Autism series of resource guides, provides parents, teachers and education professionals with a plan for teaching a child with autism in the general elementary classroom setting.

The heart of An Educator’s Guide to Autism is a six-step approach for a teacher preparing to educate children with autism in his or her classroom. The six step plan includes information about:

  • Preparing to have a student with autism in the classroom
  • Communicating and collaborating with the parents and/or guardians of a student with autism
  • Supporting the inclusive classroom environment
  • Collaborating with a student’s IEP team

The discussion of each step includes practical tips on what a teacher should look for and how to navigate the challenges that may arise. Following these steps offers the teacher the potential to create the most favorable educational environment for all learners in the classroom, including the student with autism.

This guide is also available as an eBook! You can download it for KindleNook, and Kobo.