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You story Matters! Giving a Voice to Sexual Abuse Victims with Autism

Principal Investigator(s):

Carmit Katz, Ph.D.

Grant Type:

Applied Research




Tel Aviv University

Year Awarded:



In Progress


Behavior, Emotions, Mental Health


Child sexual abuse (CSA) is a common phenomenon among autistic individuals. The consequences can be severe, and it can be challenging to detect and report. There is sparse empirical research and little is known about how to improve the detection, prevention, intervention and treatment of CSA of autistic individuals. The proposed project aims to address this gap, spotlighting concepts of ‘working through the past’ and transitional justice to achieve multileveled justice for autistic CSA survivors. Fifty testimonies will be collected from autistic individuals from diverse communities in Israel who experienced CSA to learn how the current formal and informal systems may be improved to help detection, prevention, and intervention. The project will be carried out together with an advisory board comprising activists, autistic individuals, and the ALUT organization. Four outcomes are planned for the project: 1) A report for policymakers referring to significant service gaps in various systems. 2) A report for multidisciplinary professionals to promote better practice. 3) Articles and videos to change public social discourse. 4) Educational and informative materials to guide and support significant others of autistic individuals. Cutting-edge empirical evidence of the CSA of autistic individuals will also be developed and published in leading journals and presented at international conferences to inspire further research in this understudied field.