Parent-Mediated Mobile health Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Peru

Principal Investigator(s):
Robert Gilman, M.D.
Michael Powers, Psy.D.
Mirko Zimic, Ph.D.
Grant Type:
Applied Research
University of Peru
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland
Year Awarded:
Behavior, Emotions, Mental Health; Families; Health and Sensory Issues


Access to specialized services for individuals with Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) is limited and unevenly distributed in low and middleincome countries (LMIC), like Peru. As research continues to unveil the burden of ASD in LMIC around the world, we are faced with the pressing need to develop programs aim at delivering cost-effective evidence-based interventions for affected ASD individuals. Digital Health Interventions (mHealth) offer a valid alternative to optimize service delivery in low resourced settings. As such, mHealth are being used in LIMC and under-resources communities in the United States to address health needs.

We propose to create a sustainable and reproducible system of care to expand the resources available to affected families using mhealth technology. Our central hypothesis is the intervention will improve functional and behavioral outcomes in affected children, as compared to controls. We aim to validate the use of mHealth technology to improve the health and well-being of children with ASD using a randomized controlled design over three months. In addition, the incorporation of a single-case experimental design for a subset of our experimental sample will further investigate individual-specific changes across national trainers and parents, particularly in their ability to deliver interventions with fidelity.


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