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Generalization of Technology-based Mathematics and Social Skills Instruction for Students with Autism

Principal Investigator(s):

Jenny Root, MD

Grant Type:

Applied Research




Florida State University

Year Awarded:





Education and School Aged Children; Early Intervention


Mathematics skills are crucial to post-secondary success. Secondary students with autism need instruction that explicitly prepares them to apply the skills they learn in school to real-world settings. Simply knowing what to do, without when or why is insufficient. Modified schema-based instruction (MSBI) is an intervention that has been effective in building mathematical problem solving of elementary and middle school students with autism, but has not yet been evaluated for high school students. With generalization and independence as the ultimate goal, students with autism need instruction that addresses the social skills necessary to execute such tasks. Technology can facilitate generalization training and provide non-stigmatizing visual supports for individuals with autism to use across settings. The proposed study will develop and test a technology-based mathematical and social problem-solving intervention which directly teaches how, when, and why to apply mathematics and social skills necessary for independence and success. Researchers will use a single-case research design to evaluate the effects of technology-based modified schema-based instruction (TB-MSBI), specifically using augmented reality (AR) to provide video-based instruction and visual supports on an iPod touch. This study will provide valuable information to address the everyday issues and challenges that impact the quality of life and post-school outcomes of individuals with autism.


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