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Facing Your Fears On Campus

Principal Investigator(s):

Brian Freedman, Ph.D. & Jessica Monahan, Ph.D.

Grant Type:

Applied Research




University of Delaware 

Year Awarded:



In Progress


Behavior, Emotions, Mental Health; Cognition and Executive Function; Education and School Aged Children


The purpose of this proposed study is to evaluate the initial effectiveness, feasibility and acceptability of an existing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) intervention with college students with autism who have co-occurring anxiety. Given the increasing numbers of autistic students attending higher education, as well as the increased prevalence of anxiety among autistic adults, it is necessary to adapt evidence-based interventions for autistic students enrolled in higher education. We will utilize a participatory approach to modify an existing CBT protocol originally designed for adolescents with autism (Facing Your Fears) and include two phases.


See an in-depth preview of the study in progress, including rationale, goals, methodology, expected results, and implications.

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