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Studies Funded

Learn about the research projects we fund

We host annual research competitions to support pilot studies in applied autism research.

The projects we fund have the potential to directly impact the day-to-day quality of life of those with autism. Since 2002, we have awarded more than $4.4 million in grants to support 300 studies. See a list of published research studies that have been funded by OAR.

About Our Research Competitions

Systematic Adaptation of Evidence-based Resources to Support Adults with ASD in Community Settings

Jessica Suhrheinrich, Ph.D

2019 Applied ResearchStatus: In ProgressTopics: Employment, Transition, and Adults

Acceptability of Behavioral Treatment Among Chinese Parents

Qi Wei

2019 Graduate ResearchStatus: CompletedTopics: Families

A Pilot Study of Executive Functioning in Chinese Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Vanessa Zhou

2019 Graduate ResearchStatus: CompletedTopics: Cognition and Executive Function; Education and School Aged Children

Feasibility of Concurrent Observational and Physiological Data Collection for Children with Minimally-Verbal ASD

Ashley Muskett

2019 Graduate ResearchStatus: CompletedTopics: Early Intervention

Supporting the Most Vulnerable: A Randomized Feasibility Trial of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Youth with ASD 

Christina McDonnell, Ph.D., Angela Scarpa, Ph.D., & Tom Ollendick, Ph.D.

2019 Applied ResearchStatus: In ProgressTopics: Behavior, Emotions, Mental Health; Cognition and Executive Function

“Lets Play Together!” Peer Implemented Pivotal Response Training With Preschoolers With Autism

Leigh Ashley

2019 Graduate ResearchStatus: In ProgressTopics: Education and School Aged Children; Social and Communication Skills

Helping Optimize Language Acquisition (HOLA): Online Parent Training Modules for Latinx Parents of Toddlers at Risk for ASD

Robin Dodds, Ph.D.

2019 Applied ResearchStatus: In ProgressTopics: Early Intervention; Families; Miscellaneous

Family Training under the Medicaid Autism Benefit: Understanding parent perspectives on barriers to engagement

Karis Casagrande

2019 Graduate ResearchStatus: CompletedTopics: Early Intervention

Developing a diagnosis-specific training and treatment protocol for youth with autism spectrum disorder admitted to acute general psychiatry units

Jill Cherie Fodstad, Ph.D., BCBA-D

2019 Applied ResearchStatus: In ProgressTopics: Behavior, Emotions, Mental Health; Health and Sensory Issues

Developmental trajectories of sensory features and later functional outcomes in ASD: a longitudinal subtyping study from infancy to school age

Yun-Ju Chen

2019 Graduate ResearchStatus: CompletedTopics: Early Intervention; Health and Sensory Issues

A Pilot Study of Outpatient Mental Health Crisis Screening in Youth and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Luther Kalb, Ph.D. & Roma Vasa, M.D.

2019 Applied ResearchStatus: CompletedTopics: Behavior, Emotions, Mental Health

STEPS (Sibling Techniques for Enhancing Play and Support) for Strengthening the Sibling Bond of Children with Autism

Lindsay Glugatch

2019 Graduate ResearchStatus: CompletedTopics: Families; Social and Communication Skills

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