Who is eligible to apply?

Direct service providers and professionals who work in community-based organizations are eligible to apply. An example would be an autism specialist serving a school district, or an employer that hires employees with autism. Applicants wish to conduct a research study at their organization but require the support of a Research Partner to prepare a competitive application for a full proposal grant. Established researchers are ineligible to apply.

What is the Research Partner and who is qualified to become one?

The purpose of the Partnership Competition is to stimulate collaboration between community-based organizations and established autism researchers. The Research Partner is an individual who the applicant has identified as an experienced researcher who can help develop a competitive full proposal application. Research Partners must demonstrate a history of successful grant writing. Though it is ideal, they do not need to specialize in autism research specifically.

What roles can the Research Partner have?

Research Partners may serve as co-Principal Investigators on the project or serve as consultants supporting the grant development process and/or full proposal study.

What does partnership funding cover?

Please see the Budget Guidelines. It covers anything that is necessary for the planning and grant development process in preparation to submit a full grant proposal for the Applied Research Competition. This includes time and expertise with researchers and travel.

What does partnership funding not cover?

The initial award of $5,000 does not cover time and/or salary of the primary Principal Investigator applying for the grant, nor does it cover any materials that would be necessary only for the execution of the full applied grant.

Who manages the funds?

By default, the applicant has management over the grant monies and agreement at the community organization. If, however, the applicant chooses to designate another individual (e.g. Office of Sponsored Programs at their Research Partner’s University) to manage the funds, then they may indicate so within the application.

Still have a question?

Contact Kimberly Ha, programs and outreach associate, at 703-243-9762 or email.

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