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Please use the following tools to help guide your outreach during Organization for Autism Research’s 2020 Annual and Giving Tuesday Campaigns. Please personalize and share your own stories, photos and experiences as much as possible. Make sure to use the hashtag #OARChangingLives and to tag OAR’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts when sharing on social media.

Autism Statistic Graphics

Donation Impact Graphics

Other Outreach Ideas

Update your email signature

Update your email signature to include a note about OAR's Annual Campaign and urging your contacts to donate.

Mention OAR in your holiday cards

If you send out a holiday letter add a note encouraging your loved ones to donate to OAR this giving season.

Promote OAR's E-Cards

OAR's E-Cards make a great gift for friends and family! Suggest forgoing traditional gifts to your loved ones this year and instead donate in each others honor.

Make it personal

Remember - When promoting OAR to your contacts, share your personal story and why Organization for Autism Research is meaningful to you.

More outreach resources coming soon

Check this website in the coming weeks for more outreach resources including; Facebook profile picture frame, Giving Tuesday #UnSelfie template, Instagram story graphics, and more.  If you have any outreach resource questions, please email our Development and Marketing Manager, Rachel Luizza.