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Episode 1: Public vs. Private

Chart about sharing personal information, 18:50:

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Episode 2: Puberty (non-binary)

Diagram of the reproductive system of a person with a vagina, 10:11:

Diagram of the reproductive system of a person with a penis, 12:58:

More information (please note that many of these links contain gendered language):



Episode 2.5: Puberty (gendered)

Diagram of the female reproductive system, 9:30:

Diagram of the male reproductive system, 12:15:

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Episode 3: Healthy Relationships

Graphic that depicts verbal or visual types of sexual harassment and sexual violence in relation to each other, 25:18:




Episode 4: Consent

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Episode 5: Dating 101

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Episode 6: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

“Spectrum in a Binary World” graphic, 28:58:

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Episode 7: Am I Ready?

Questions to Consider printable document, 9:05

Links about sexually transmitted infections, 21:18:

Planned Parenthood link, 25:38

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Episode 8: Sexual Activity

A chart that gives some general examples of what to talk about, where, and with whom, 9:03:

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Episode 9: Online Relationships and Safety

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