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Tricare, the military’s health care program, currently has 10,500 beneficiaries authorized for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) care. Military families face all the emotions and challenges that accompany having a child diagnosed with autism, compounded by the realities of service: war, extended family separation, frequent moves, varying access to specialized health care and other stressors that complicate and often work against effective treatment for children with autism.

Military families guide

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If you are a member of a military family or someone who provides services to these families, OAR offers A Guide for Military Families free of charge to military families and bases. The guide and its companion website (www.operationautismonline.org) are specifically tailored to provide military families with the tools and access to information that they need. More specifically, the goals of this guide are to provide:

  • An understanding of autism and related intervention and treatment
  • Strategies for addressing the challenges of autism from the time of diagnosis
    through adulthood
  • An overview of the Department of Defense and service policies related
    to having a child with autism
  • Information on autism treatment options and coverage within the military
    healthcare system
  • Practical information and tools to guide your child’s education
  • Tips and advice relative to transitions such as permanent change of station moves, new schools and more
  • Links to additional resources relative to autism and military families

For bulk orders, questions or comments, please contact OAR at .

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