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OARacle Newsletter

If OAR made a positive impact on your experience as a member of the autism community, please help us reach a wider audience and raise funds by reviewing OAR on the GreatNonprofits website. Once you add your review, spread the word to your friends and colleagues. Reviews can be as brief as a few sentences or as long as a few paragraphs, and anyone can submit a review.  

OAR needs to receive 10 new reviews by October 31, 2023 to be named a “top-rated” nonprofit for the fourteenth year in a row. Please leave a review and help us make it to 14! Many families, educators, autism professionals, and self-advocates discover OAR’s resources through this website, so it is important that we elevate our presence on it, making it easier for people to access our quality evidence-based information, scholarship and research programs, and resources.  

In 2022, a supporter wrote, “OAR does an incredible amount for the autism community, including scholarships, research support, and education. I know that they will continue to impact many lives for the better.” Also in 2022, an autistic job seeker said, “Thanks to the help of OAR’s Hire Autism program and the navigator they provided, my résumé is now competitive in the marketplace, and I have a new client on board. Most importantly, I have the confidence I need to succeed!”  

We would really appreciate your support in reaching our goal of 10 new reviews. Leave a review and earn our heartfelt thanks!