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OAR is excited to welcome our first Hire Autism Navigator cohort of 2021, the sixth cohort since launching the program in late 2019. Hailing from cities all over the nation, the group includes a diverse group of professionals and autism parents with the common goal of helping job seekers prepare for employment. The new navigators are Deepika Balasubramanian, Taylor Offlee, Chandler Ramsey, Seda Sejud, Julie Shimonek, Alicia Waller, Geoff Weber, and Angela Woltanski. Linda Penrod, an OAR supporter, also attended the training to learn more about the program and help her prepare for a pilot role building employer partnerships as a Hire Autism regional ambassador.

Hire Autism Navigators work with job seekers over approximately four weeks, making suggestions and practicing strategies with their job seekers. The direct one-on-one support combined with the use of the Hire Autism online resources provides a foundation for these young adults to more effectively navigate their job searches. The concept for the Hire Autism Navigator Program originated as part OAR’s Encore Prize competition submission in 2017, winning a $50,000 grant as a result.

OAR needs more volunteers to help job seekers in this current job market. Please consider joining our next navigator training, which is scheduled to kick off in mid-to-late April. Applications are due on March 26.

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