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This year, OARA Parent's Guide to Research (front cover) is updating Life Journey Through Autism: A Parent’s Guide to Research with the generous support of the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation.

A Parent’s Guide to Research holds a special place in OAR history as the first of nine installments in the Life Journey through Autism series. Released back in 2003, the guide aims to help families newly diagnosed with autism navigate research to make better-informed treatment decisions for their child. To date, it has reached the homes of more than 15,000 families.

OAR is updating the guide to help parents better understand how to read online information critically. OAR is collaborating with Kara Hume, Ph.D., Nancy McIntyre, Ph.D., and Sallie Nowell, Ph.D., from the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute to update the guide and ensure it contains the most relevant and current information for parents. In addition to covering information about online news and social media, the new resource will cover evidence-based research, current trends in autism research, and updated sources of autism research.

Pre-Order the Research Guide

The research guide is currently undergoing community review and is scheduled to be released in the fall. You can pre-order the updated research guide on OAR’s website.

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