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OAR is proud to announce we have joined forces with Partners in PROMISE (PiP). PiP’s mission is to protect the rights of military children in special education by partnering with military families, military service organizations, and legislators. As a PiP Resource Partner, OAR will offer its resources for military families through PiP to reach even more families who need the information. OAR will also work with PiP to elevate the concerns of military families with children with autism and help effect change that will support them. 

PiP is working with lawmakers who support legislation that focuses on conducting a Government Accountability Office (GAO) study that identifies school district usage of 7003(d) impact aid funds and provides special education attorneys and advocates across to military families at select locations. This legislation, if passed, would be a great first step towards improving the lives of all military children, and especially those with disabilities. PiP’s complete list of legislative goals can be found in its white paper, Advocating for Military Families with Exceptional Needs.

OAR serves military families through its Operation Autism website and Guide for Military Families, both funded with support from the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation. With these resources, OAR provides military families with access to evidence-based information about autism, offers advice for the unique challenges military life poses for military dependent children with autism, and informs parents about their child’s educational rights.

Through this partnership, OAR aims to get its resources to even more military families and offer information to military families who are part of the OAR community about the work that PiP is doing. For the latest information on PiP’s work, read the recent blog post on OAR’s website. You can also get updates on PiP’s activities by signing up for the PiP newsletter.

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