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Autism Behind Bars

Prisons are often ill-equipped to handle autistic inmates, who are at risk for mental health problems and abuse....

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Teens with autism to learn job skills from virtual training tool

A team of researchers from Michigan State University, University of Michigan and tech-training company SIMmersion received a $3 million grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to develop a virtual reality training tool for youth with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, to improve their social skills as they transition...

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Q&A With Robin Jenkins, PhD

Robin Jenkins, PhD, is a senior implementation specialist at the UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute (FPG) and the division lead for the Policy Division. The division was borne out of our strategic planning to enhance the process of translating the powerful research that takes place at FPG into...

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EFMP Advice from Behind the Frontlines

EFMP Training Education and Outreach Specialist and Family Case Worker Carla Wyrsch discusses the purpose of the Exceptional Family Member Program, debunks common myths, and gives advice on advocating for your family....

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Federal Autism Committee Goes Dark

A long-established federal autism advisory committee charged with coordinating the government’s activities related to the developmental disorder has been defunct for the last year....

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