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Nemours opens $20 million center for autism

Nemours/A.I. duPont Hospital for Children opened a $20 million autism and behavior health center this fall. The center, decorated in muted blues, greens and purples, offers families a one-stop location for both diagnosing and treating children with autism and other behavioral health needs. A hospital study found that child mental health services...

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Calls more a more inclusive society

Autism charity AsIAm has called on the Government to help bring about a more inclusive society for people living with Autism. The autism advocacy and charity organisation, which is hosting its annual conference in Malahide, believes a better understanding of autism amongst employers, educators and society as a whole, could...

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Therapy taps rhythm to boost speech in children with autism

A novel type of speech therapy may improve the verbal abilities of children with autism who speak few or no words, according to a new study1. Children with the mildest autism traits and those who speak the most consonant and vowel sounds would benefit most. The therapy, called auditory-motor mapping...

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Orlando Rep’s sensory-friendly shows designed for children with ASD

The concept of sensory-friendly shows was new to Jeff Revels and the Orlando Repertory Theater back in September 2013. The theater had just established such shows to accommodate children with autism spectrum disorder, and no one was quite sure what the results would be, said Revels, Orlando Rep’s artistic director....

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Temple professor urges more employers to hire people with autism

Tom Edwards remembers a former colleague in the aerospace industry who was a computer whiz – back in the days when computers took up entire rooms. The man, a chief engineer, was incredibly talented, but he rarely made eye contact, kept strange hours and often arrived wearing clothes that did...

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Birthday boy with autism receives the best surprise

“This child had to fight for his life when I first had him,” explains Gabrielle Stallings, Carson’s mother. “He was born at 31 weeks and two days. I had to go to UAB and he was in the NICU for over a month and he was in the transition room...

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Cookie Cutters Haircuts caters to children with autism and disabilities

A new children’s haircut franchise opened up in Medford, Oregon, and is the first of its kind in the state. Cookie Cutters Haircuts provides interactive haircut experiences for children with autism and other disabilities. This storefront has an indoor playground with a slide, unique chairs shaped like a bat-mobile or...

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First Classroom in Liberia to be dedicated to children with autism

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor and former Finance Minister Nathaniel Barnes dedicated the first classroom for children with autism in Liberia on 10/20. The classroom is entitled “Arthur and Zwannah Autism First Classroom in Liberia” – Arthur and Zwannah are both children with autism.  ...

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Priceless play: Freshman with autism scores touchdown

  With 20 seconds left in the game, Nathaniel Wilson, a freshman football player with autism, was given the ball. Wilson managed to run to the end zone, and score a touchdown for his team! This priceless play evened out the score of the game!...

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