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Possible Link Between Sensory Issues and Sleep Issues For Those With ASD

In an observational study, clinicians evaluated children by having parents complete questionnaires about their child’s sensory sensitivities and other behaviors, as well as the frequency of their child’s sleep problems. Because this study is observational, it cannot determine cause and effect however it suggests a new explanation. ...

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Motor Traits Not Unique to Autism

Researchers enroll 625 infants from eight sites from a network of research teams in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Israel. Studies find no difference in those on the spectrum and those with other developmental conditions...

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Scottish University Researches ASD Internet Safety

Heriot Watt University in the UK has formulated a research study that will look at the risks involved online for those on the spectrum. Such studies will be important for developing proper interventions that promote social well-being, but prevent harm.   ...

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