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Autistic children may have trouble predicting movements

Autistic children have a harder time catching a ball than non-autistic children do, possibly because they are less able to predict its trajectory, according to a new unpublished study. Researchers presented the findings virtually this week at the 2021 Society for Neuroscience Global Connectome....

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“Siri, What’s the Best App for Navy Families Enrolled in EFMP?”

With all of this information literally at our fingertips, what is the best way to decipher what is current, relevant, and accurate? Utilizing a reputable mobile app offers faster access to accurate and streamlined content. A few added bonuses; apps can be customized to your specific preferences, send you push...

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Can Schools Remain Compliant During COVID?

During these unique and ever-changing times, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) teams have been working diligently to determine how to remain compliant while continuing to deliver effective, challenging, and meaningful instruction via unconventional methods. Schools still have a legal obligation to provide a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) for all students....

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Difficulty identifying emotions linked to poor mental health in autistic people

Autistic people who have trouble identifying their emotions, a condition known as alexithymia, are likely to have anxiety, depression and problems with social communication, according to a new study. Alexithymia may also contribute to worsening mental health: People with severe alexithymia are more likely than those without to develop anxiety...

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