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Can Meditation Help Sensory Overload?

One hectic morning, in a rush to hustle my three kids out the door, I found my 8-year-old son sitting cross-legged in the bathroom, eyes closed, his hands resting gently on his knees. He said he was meditating. I was skeptical, but the peaceful look on his face told me...

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From Australia to Green Bay, for an Autism School

Joe and Susan Bashta traveled all the way from Australia for something they could find only in Green Bay. It was an autism school, the like of which exists nowhere else on the planet. And it’s having success where others have failed. “We are discovering our son for the first...

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Mother’s Booklet for Son with Autism about Voting

When Nathaniel Batchelder, a 28-year-old who has autism, voted Thursday in the midterm elections, “we were on such a high,” said his mother, Susan Senator. Batchelder has “a pretty severe developmental disability and a lot of anxiety and communication issues, but he’s very eager to learn everything about the world,”...

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Giving a Voice: Purdue Technology Assists Nonverbal Children with Autism

Two Purdue-licensed technologies assisting speech and language development in children with nonverbal autism have won awards from the German Academic International Network (GAIN) and the Anna Kennedy Online Charity. SPEAKall! and SPEAKmore! mobile applications won GAIN’s best startup idea and Anna Kennedy Online Charity’s Autism Hero Entrepreneurial Award....

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Autism Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Work

Aaron Glick is a maestro in assembling pizza boxes just so. This young man on the autism spectrum performs this task — which most employees dislike — “faster and better than anyone,” Mark Foley, manager at MOD Pizza’s West Galleria location, told the Chronicle’s Suzanne Garofalo....

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New videos raise autism awareness in diverse Minnesota communities

Getting young kids tested for autism as soon as they start showing classic signs of the disorder can be vital for long-term development and readiness for school. But getting that message out to parents in all of Minnesota’s diverse communities has been a struggle. Minnesota mom Sheletta Brundidge, a longtime...

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Schoolgirl Writes Book to Explain Autism

a 12-year-old schoolgirl from England was inspired by her brother, who has autism. She wrote the book in hopes to educate others about autism, with the end goal of classmates to stop bullying her brother. 23,000 copies will be sent out to primary schools across England....

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