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“Resilience” in Autism May Help Produce More Therapies

Some individuals are much less affected by their autism than others even if they have similar genetic mutations relating to the disorder. This phenomena of “resisting the severe consequences associated with a deleterious gene altercation,” also known as resilience, is a trait that is found in varying degrees within families who...

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Studying Relationship Between Autism and Gender Dysphoria

As correlational studies between autism and gender dysphoria accumulate, there is growing consensus that these two conditions are connected in some way. This may hint of a heritable component to transgender identity, or could be due to the fact that those in the autism community are less likely to bow...

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Praise May Help Motivate Adults with ASD to Exercise More

A regular exercise is especially beneficial to those with autism due to this population’s higher health risks for obesity, depression, and diabetes. Studies with the FPG Institute at UNCCH show that implementing either in-person or technologically based praise to young adults helped motivate them to increase the length of time...

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Mom Launches New Store Tailored to Kids with Autism

Ohio mother of four Holly Young opened her new store, Puzzle Pieces, on March 24 with special consideration for children who are on the spectrum and/or have other sensory issues. However, all kids will be able to benefit from the wide variety of games and interactive toys in this store. ...

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Parents More Accurate at Detecting Autism in Infants

According to a new study, “parents who have one child with autism can more accurately spot signs of the condition in their younger child at 12 months of age than clinicians can.” Though this parental advantages fades by 18 months, this finding may help clinicians diagnose autism, and therefore begin...

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Calmer Easter Bunny Photo Op for Children with Autism

A mall in Waterford, Connecticut is taking initiative to be more accommodating to children with autism and other sensory issues by scheduling fifteen minute sessions with the Easter Bunny before opening, therefore avoiding stressful lines and crowded, loud spaces. Additionally, the mall shut down the nearby escalator and provided snacks...

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Minority Children Often Experience Delayed Autism Diagnosis

New research conducted by the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry indicates that autism in African-American and Latino children is often diagnosed at later ages than in white children, and as a result have fewer opportunities for early intervention and other treatment programs. This may arise for...

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How Autism in Children Impacts Sleep

A recent study published in The Journal for Developmental Disorders reveals reasons why children with neurodevelopmental disorders (such as autism) experience more problems sleeping than other unaffected peers. Children with ASD are not only more like to have trouble falling asleep but they are also more prone to sleep disturbances,...

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Multiple Studies Suggesting Folic Acid’s Role in Autism

According to five unrelated studies, taking regular doses of folic acid during pregnancy may lessen the risk of growing fetuses developing autism, especially if the mother is taking epilepsy drugs, or is exposed to pesticides and/or environmental chemicals. One of the studies show that folic acid supplements can ease language...

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A Poem by Mother of Boy with ASD Raises Awareness

Dr. Sophie Billington posted an emotional poem she wrote about her son Tristan, who has autism. Originally posted on Facebook, the poem has garnered a larger response than she had anticipated. She hopes that this piece will help to raise awareness on the realities of parenting a child who is...

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Vigils Will Honor Victims with ASD and Other Disabilities

Zoe Gross, Director of Operations at the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN), decided to start the National Disability Day of Mourning on March 1 to honor not only George Hopkins, an adult with ASD who died at the hands of a caregiver in 2012, but also all other victims with...

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Ann Wagner to Be New National Autism Coordinator

As of the first week of March, Ann Wagner is set to be the next Autism Coordinator. This individual works with government agencies to ensure the national implementation of autism activities. Wagner currently serves as chief biomarker and the intervention development for childhood-onset mental disorders at NIMH Autism Research Program, and...

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