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A close-up of a yellow school bus, parked in front of tall plants and a bright blue sky.

Students With Special Needs Acutely Affected By Bus Driver Shortage

Octavian Lither is often left waiting at the bus stop each morning to be transported to his northwest Las Vegas middle school. More times than not, the bus is late. A few times, it arrived after school already started. But unlike the thousands of other Clark County School District students...

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A person walks into a terminal. They wear a backpack and drag a rolling suitcase. The sun shines brightly.

The Travel Industry Is Waking Up to the Needs of Neurodivergent Adults

For many Americans, making vacation plans is somewhat easy and doesn’t require much thought beyond figuring out where and when to go. But for millions of neurodivergent travelers around the country, travel is anything but simple. Neurodivergent adults amount to more than 30 percent of the global population, up to 40 percent...

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A young child sits on their mother's lap in a doctor's office. The doctor puts a band-aid on the toddler's upper arm. The mother and the doctor smile.

Preparing Students with Special Needs for Vaccinations

The prospect of getting a shot or vaccine can be intimidating for anyone, including children with autism and other special needs. With the COVID-19 vaccine becoming more accessible to wider populations, more and more children and their caregivers might be facing the “vaccination challenge” in the coming months. There are...

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A group of Sesame Street mascots stand outside a building and wave. Characters include Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, Abby Cadabby, Elmo, Grover, and Cookie Monster.

‘Sesame Street’ Expands Autism Resources

“Sesame Street” is offering up a host of new resources designed to help children with autism and their families. The rollout includes an animated video where Julia learns to cope with her fear of the dark as well as coloring and activity sheets and a set of “Good Night” routine cards to help...

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A pediatrician sits at a desk. A parent sits across from the doctor, their arm around a young child.

Missed check-ups, delayed autism diagnoses among low-income children

Children from low-income families are diagnosed with autism about eight months later than their wealthier peers, regardless of how many ‘well-child’ visits they attend, according to a new study. The analysis reviewed insurance claims for 253 autistic children who were born in Virginia in 2011. Those on Medicaid, government-funded health insurance for...

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A hand holds a smartphone displaying the YouTube logo (a red rectangle with a white "play" arrow in the center).

YouTube Bans Videos Linking Autism, Vaccines

YouTube is cracking down on vaccine misinformation, saying that it will remove videos suggesting that vaccines cause autism, among other falsehoods. The video platform, which is owned by Google, said this week that it is updating and expanding its policies addressing harmful vaccine content. YouTube already barred content containing inaccurate...

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Two people stand closely together in a field in the autumn. They have their arms around each other.

Netflix Brings Back Autism Dating Show

A documentary series following young people with autism as they experience the world of dating is set to return. The second season of “Love on the Spectrum” will debut on Netflix this month with six new 45-minute episodes.

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A magnifying glass lays on a lined page from a notebook.

Repetitive behaviors wax and wane among autistic youth

Some types of restricted and repetitive behaviors become more prevalent among autistic children and teenagers over time, depending on their age and intellectual ability, whereas others decrease, two new studies show. The results lend fresh support to the argument that restricted and repetitive behaviors — a core diagnostic trait that includes repetitive movements, insistence on...

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