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House Bill Mandates Autism Coverage For Military

The House of Representatives passed a bill yesterday that will authorize expanded coverage for military families touched by autism if passed into law. Autism treatment, including behavior therapy, would be required for the estimated 13,000 military children who have the disorder. Read the full article here....

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How Autism Ages

It is estimated that 1 out of every 150 American children is living with autism. And yet little attention is paid to what happens when they grow up. A personal account of the silent struggle of adult autistics. Read the full article here....

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Vaccines Exonerated on Autism

A special federal vaccine court issued three devastating verdicts on Thursday that should help demolish lingering fears that childhood vaccines can and have caused autism. The verdicts won’t satisfy die-hard adherents of the theory that the medical establishment is recklessly harming their children. But the vast majority of parents ought...

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