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BART Station Agent Tracks Down Missing Man with Autism

A Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station agent, who himself has a daughter with autism, found a missing San Francisco man with autism while on duty earlier this week.  Read the complete story by Chris Roberts at the NBC Bay Area Web site....

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Children with autism flourish while working out

A gym and community group on Maryland’s Eastern Shore have partnered to offer group exercise classes for individuals with autism.  Parents and trainers alike are finding that program participants have been able to “beat some common misconceptions” through practice, a good attitude, and having fun. For the complete story by...

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For children on autism spectrum, growing help for the family outing

In Minnesota, more businesses (airports, malls, theaters, etc.) are doing their part to accommodate and create a safe, welcoming environment for individuals with autism.  Many families are already seeing the benefit of these initiatives.  For more details, read the complete story by Maja Beckstrom of the St. Paul Pioneer Press....

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Veterans build fence for teen with autism

VFW Post 8851 in Boiling Springs, Pa. showed the power of community by building a fence around the home of a local teen with autism who loves the outdoors, but was prone to wandering.  Their efforts are not only keeping this young man safe, but giving his family peace of...

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Many health woes common in autistic adults

A team from Kaiser Permanent’s Division of Research recently released the results of a large study (sample size of 2,100) that assessed negative health outcomes (depression, high blood pressure, obesity, etc.) for adults with autism, compared to adults without the disorder.  The findings were not encouraging, despite the fact that...

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Bill would reauthorize autism support programs

A new bill with bi-partisan sponsorship in the House of Representatives would extend federal grants for autism research and support services for another five years; the current legislation is set to expire this October.  For more information, read the complete story by Christina Marcos of The Hill....

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Robots connect with students on autism spectrum

Two public special education schools in New York City have introduced the NAO Robot – “a bright-eyed, two-foot-tall humanoid developed by Aldebaran Robotics” – to classrooms for students with autism.  The hope is that this technology will help children develop social/interaction skills that can be transferred to situations that involve...

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Colorado effort spurs e-scrap jobs for adults with autism

Thanks to a state grant, a network of Colorado e-scrap companies are recycling hundreds of thousands of pounds in electronic waste (e.g. outdated appliances) and creating meaningful jobs (43 to date) for adults with autism at the same time.  Here’s an excerpt: “We have had 100 percent retention, we have...

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Autism Issues Complicate Anti-Bullying Task

“A widely publicized case of two Maryland teenagers charged with assault for bullying a classmate with autism—a classmate who later strongly defended them—illustrates the complexities that schools face with youth whose disabilities are based in social interactions.”  To learn more about this important issue, view the full story by Christina...

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